Reflections on ANBOC 2021

Bronwyn Oswell

Thank you very much ABODA Victoria for the chance to be part of what was a very stimulating and motivating few days of Professional Development.

As a string teacher and ensemble director I thoroughly enjoyed attending all the diverse workshops provided by the range of presenters and masters in their various fields of expertise.

I always enjoy listening to Anita Collins speaking about music education and advocacy, Mark Laycock talking about rehearsal techniques, and Brian Balmages was a wonderful addition to the team of presenters.

It was also refreshing to have the Australian contingent (Ingrid Martin, Loreta Fin and Karen Kyriakou) who always deliver quality sessions of inspirational and hands on practical ideas for what we are doing on a daily basis.

If I come away from a conference with even one new trick in my bag I feel as though it has been a worthwhile investment of time, and through this conference (especially focussed around life after COVID) I feel as though I came away with much more.

It was a powerful and varied representation of so many important areas. Being amongst like-minded and purposeful mentors (even in the virtual sense) one gathers strength, motivation and hope for the future in the studio, the classroom, in the school ensemble and in the community.


Bronwyn Oswell

Melbourne Grammar School

Grimwade House


Bronwyn was one of the recipients of ABODA Victoria’s Professional Scholarships to attend ANBOC 2021